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Weingarten Rights

Election update
Message from SPEEA Tellers

The SPEEA Tellers committee, which oversees union elections, announced an additional candidate, Tami Reichersamer, for president. The Tellers conducted a new random drawing to determine the ballot order.

The new ballot order is:


  • John Dimas
  • Ryan Rule
  • Joel Funfar
  • Uğur Mehmet Köksu
  • Tami Reichersamer

The Tellers’ decision came after further review of the candidate’s eligibility criteria. The Tellers informed the other candidates.

The Tellers initially denied the valid petition, submitted prior to the deadline, based on interpretation of governing documents. Reichersamer appealed Jan. 23. After further review with SPEEA’s lawyer, the Tellers agreed to include Reichersamer.

The online version of this week’s SPEEA News will be updated to reflect the additional candidate and new ballot order.

Candidates for president, treasurer and secretary

Nine members submitted valid petitions for three positions on the Executive Board.

The following candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.

President   Treasurer   Secretary
Uğur Mehmet Köksu  Douglas Brazeal Jimmie Mathis
John Dimas  Michelle Cooper Shaunna Winton
Ryan Rule Mike Shea .
Joel Funfar . .

The Tellers Committee, which oversees union elections, determined the ballot order in a random drawing.

Ballots coming

SPEEA will print and mail ballots along with a voter guide, including candidate information, to members’ homes by Feb. 26. Deadline for voted ballots to arrive at SPEEA (mailbox or hall) is noon, Wednesday, March 11.

The new, two-year terms for president, treasurer and secretary begin March 25.

Members needed for regional Tellers Committees

With only three candidates seeking seats on the regional Tellers Committees, more members are needed to fill vacancies. The committees oversee union elections with training and support from staff.

Northwest Tellers

  • Michael Knopp
  • Sulena Kumnertsena

 Midwest Tellers

  • Joymesia Lee

 If you’re interested, print the petition and information at (drop-down menu for Councils/Forms and Petitions). 

Paid Family and Medical Leave
Testifying at Senate committee hearing

SPEEA members and legislative staff testified Jan. 20 before the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee during a public hearing on SB 6216. They urged legislators to stop Boeing from denying its union-represented employees Paid Family & Medical Leave. Boeing said it would block implementation until October 2022, when SPEEA contracts expire, unless SPEEA members agree to contract takeaways. Brandon Anderson, SPEEA legislative director, opened the testimony from SPEEA, followed by Amy Freiburghaus, Justin Hoehn and Dan Nowlin. Also attending the hearing were 10 others who came to support the bill.

Take action to end the Boeing loophole

Send a letter to your legislators!

Paid Family and Medical Leave
SPEEA calls on Boeing to stop holding families hostage

SEATTLE – Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) is making it easier for workers to take time off from jobs to care for newborns or family members, unless you are a union-represented employee at The Boeing Company.

“Boeing needs to stop holding our families hostage,” said Ray Goforth, executive director of SPEEA. “This benefit doesn’t belong to Boeing. It’s not a bargaining chip. Paid Family and Medical Leave is the right of every resident of Washington state.”

Ignoring repeated formal requests, Boeing uses a loophole in the state law to deny access to PFML to union-represented employees, including the nearly 18,000 engineers and technical workers represented by SPEEA in Washington. The result is new parents and employees caring for family members are unable to access the state program that provides up to 12 weeks of paid time off.

The loophole, which Boeing lobbied legislators to include, allows companies to withhold implementation of PFML from employees with a contract in place on Oct. 19, 2017. The loophole expires at the end of those contracts. SPEEA contracts for engineers and technical workers expire in October 2022.

“The purpose for the loophole was to grant implementation flexibility so as not to disrupt existing collective bargaining relationships,” said Brandon Anderson, SPEEA legislative director. However, Boeing is demanding unionized employees give pay and benefit concessions to gain access to the state-mandated benefit.

SPEEA has repeatedly pressed Boeing about the need for a meaningful family leave during contract talks, including the 2016 negotiations. Each time, the company refused. When the new PFML legislation was approved in 2017, SPEEA approached Boeing and was rebuffed again.

Changing or eliminating the loophole to provide access to PFML for SPEEA-represented and all union-represented employees is a legislative priority for SPEEA for this year’s legislative session in Olympia.

Take action to end the Boeing loophole

2020 Salary Adjustment Announcement - Jan. 13
SPEEA calls on Boeing to be honest with employees

Boeing’s announcement of the 2020 Salary Adjustment Funds is a new low for Company leadership currently mired in a series of scandals of their own making. Under the terms of your collective bargaining agreement, you are entitled to a 5% lump sum payment PLUS any additional raise pools the Company decides to supplement that with. The raise fund amounts announced by the Company today were contrived by management, so no individual is guaranteed to receive anything beyond the artificially reduced lump sum. You deserve better than this from your Company leadership. See story

737 MAX impacts
Monitoring at Boeing - Spirit announces layoffs

SPEEA continues to monitor developments at The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems regarding the planned shutdown of the 737 MAX line in Renton and the suspension of 737 MAX work and upcoming layoffs in Wichita.

The required 60-day WARN notice of layoffs at Spirit arrived in the SPEEA office on Jan. 10. Of the announced 2,800 layoffs in Wichita, company officials expect to cut 186 positions in the Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU) and 44 in the Wichita Engineering Unit. The layoffs could start as soon as Feb. 7. Recent negotiations added layoff benefits for SPEEA-represented employees in the WEU and WTPU.

Boeing maintains there are currently no plans for layoffs of SPEEA-represented employees. Boeing said during the shutdown, some employees will be temporarily reassigned but that everyone will have a job and work to perform.

SPEEA will continue to assess and monitor the situations at Boeing and Spirit for our represented employees to ensure all provisions of our collective bargaining unit agreements are followed.

Kansas Aviation Workers Layoff Resources

United Way of the Plains – Laid-off workers assistance

Kansas Department of Labor – Aviation Worker Response

Seeking candidates for Executive Board

SPEEA is seeking eligible members interested in running for the following Executive Board offices:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Executive Board 2020 election guide

Petitions due by Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Ballots for contested races will be printed and mailed to members' homes with a voter guide by Feb. 26. Ballots will be counted March 11.

About the Board

The seven-member Board directs SPEEA’s activities through the executive director, prepares the annual budget and monitors expenses. Board members also serve as the team for any interim negotiations between formal bargaining sessions. The board members serve two-year terms. The regional vice presidents are elected every other odd year.

Election committees need help

SPEEA is seeking candidates for the regional Tellers Committees, responsible for overseeing union elections and Council district delineation.

To be eligible to apply, you must be a regular SPEEA member in good standing for at least the past 12 months. Applicants cannot serve at the same time on the Executive Board, Council or Judicial Review Committee.

2020-2022 Teller petition

Monitoring developments at Boeing and Spirit

SPEEA continues to monitor developments at The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems regarding the planned shutdown of the 737 MAX line in Renton and the suspension of 737 MAX work in Wichita.

Boeing has yet to announce a date for the shutdown while Spirit said it will suspend work Jan. 1. SPEEA has requested additional information from Boeing and Spirit about plans moving forward.

Boeing and Spirit officials said there are currently no plans for layoffs of SPEEA-represented employees. Boeing said during the shutdown, some employees will be temporarily reassigned but that everyone will have a job and work to perform. Spirit told employees the time will be used to catch up on other jobs.

Boeing does not yet have a date for the shutdown or start of reassignments. However, the company expects the shutdown to be measured in weeks, not days. The shutdown will not impact the 737 P-8 Poseidon line.

SPEEA will continue to assess and monitor the situations at Boeing and Spirit for our represented employees to ensure all provisions of our collective bargaining unit agreements are followed.

Preparing for return to service
SPEEA secures bonuses for 737 MAX work in Moses Lake and Victorville assignments

SPEEA-represented employees who take a temporary assignment in Moses Lake or Victorville as part of the return to service of the 737 MAX will be in line to receive “completion bonuses” as outlined in a recently negotiated agreements with Boeing.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Moses Lake assignments provides bonuses for employees who complete 6-month or more assignments as part of the 737 MAX work. A 10% bonus is paid after six months. An additional 15% bonus is paid during months 7 through 12 and 20% after 18 months.

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for Victorville provides a 10% incentive (bonus) for SPEEA-represented employees who complete 6 months of continuous deployment as part of the return to service for the 737 MAX.

“It’s encouraging the company recognizes the need for the experience and expertise in our members to return the MAX to service,” said SPEEA President Joel Funfar. “Given the extended time members will be away from family, these bonuses are appropriate.”

The date for the 737 MAX’s return is still unknown. However, Boeing has publicly announced that preparing the idle aircraft to return to service will require temporarily assigning some SPEEA-represented employees to Moses Lake and Victorville.

Open house for new CREATE office in Seal Beach

Otniel Pavia, left, Randy Morgan, center, and John Williams are shown above at the newly opened office of California Region Engineers and Technical Employees in Seal Beach. They joined dozens of activists, community members and employees wanting to learn more about having a voice at the office’s open house Oct. 9.

SEAL BEACH, Calif. – Non-union employees in Southern California came together to celebrate their new office as efforts to build a union gain altitude.

Activists, community members and employees wanting to learn more about having a voice at work celebrated at the open house in Seal Beach, Oct. 9.

The new office coincides with growing momentum to organize professionals working at Boeing in Southern California.

Professionals at Boeing Seal Beach contacted SPEEA to help them form their union. The workers wanted to have a local identity and came up with CREATE (California Region Engineers and Technical Employees) to represent all technical and professional employees at the site.

SPEEA Treasurer Jimmie Mathis attended the open house along with staff, including Rich Plunkett, an experienced negotiator, and Matt Kempf, SPEEA’s senior director of compensation and retirement.

More labor support for CREATE

The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) international union representing more than 63,000 members in the industry wrote a letter in support of CREATE’s organizing efforts.

Another letter of support came from the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS) representing 11,000 employees at the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense.

Learn more and read the letters at

Non-Boeing labor
Assistance needed for SPEEA grievance

SPEEA has filed a grievance in association with Boeing’s use of Purchased Services (non-Boeing labor) to perform bargaining unit work.

When corporate management refused to provide relevant data associated with our investigation/grievance, SPEEA was also compelled to file an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge with Region 19 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Employees recently received a notice as part of the settlement of the ULP and Boeing has begun to supply SPEEA with the requested information. The grievance is scheduled to be resolved in an arbitration hearing beginning in October.

Now, we need your help in validating claims made by management and/or contained within the provided data.

If any SPEEA members work with representatives from the following companies, we would really like to speak with you. Email with your contact information and the best time to reach you.

Purchased Services companies
  • Altair
  • Aviation Partners Boeing
  • Base2 Solutions
  • Cascade Engineering
  • Collinear
  • Cyient
  • HCL Technologies
  • Hexagon – Capital Equipment Purchasing
  • Intrinsic
  • iSoftStone Inc.
  • Jana, Inc.
  • Kaman Engineering
  • NobleTek
  • Safran/Labinal
  • San Juan Software
  • SeaTec
  • Sila Solutions
  • Slalom Consulting
  • Star Aviation
  • Techguard
  • UXC/DXC Eclipse

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