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Lunchtime meeting in Auburn
Auburn - Council Reps and Area Rep meet for a lunchtime meeting on August 7
Success for interns!
SPEEA-represented interns may return
to Educational Leave (ELOA)

Step 3 grievance

At Thursday’s Northwest Council meeting, CR’s learned how SPEEA corrected a Boeing error that resulted in Boeing terminating SPEEA-represented interns at the end of their internship instead of allowing them to move to an Educational Leave Of Absence (ELOA).

The success is the result of a grievance filed by SPEEA. Its resolution restores the option of returning to an ELOA, remaining a Boeing employee and keeping the corresponding benefits provided by the SPEEA collective bargaining agreements.

SPEEA is contacting interns and working with the company to inform interns of this option. If you know of an intern who was incorrectly terminated, have them contact Boeing Worklife. They can also contact SPEEA.

A copy of the Step 3 Grievance along with instructions to help SPEEA-represented interns is available for download:

Step 3 Grievance

Termination in Violation of Just Cause SPEEA/Boeing
Technical Collective Bargaining Agreement

Instructions for Interns

Non-Boeing labor
Assistance needed for SPEEA grievance

SPEEA has filed a grievance in association with Boeing’s use of Purchased Services (non-Boeing labor) to perform bargaining unit work.

When corporate management refused to provide relevant data associated with our investigation/grievance, SPEEA was also compelled to file an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge with Region 19 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Employees recently received a notice as part of the settlement of the ULP and Boeing has begun to supply SPEEA with the requested information. The grievance is scheduled to be resolved in an arbitration hearing beginning in October.

Now, we need your help in validating claims made by management and/or contained within the provided data.

If any SPEEA members work with representatives from the following companies, we would really like to speak with you. Email with your contact information and the best time to reach you.

Purchased Services companies
  • Altair
  • Aviation Partners Boeing
  • Base2 Solutions
  • Cascade Engineering
  • Collinear
  • Cyient
  • HCL Technologies
  • Hexagon – Capital Equipment Purchasing
  • Intrinsic
  • iSoftStone Inc.
  • Jana, Inc.
  • Kaman Engineering
  • NobleTek
  • Safran/Labinal
  • San Juan Software
  • SeaTec
  • Sila Solutions
  • Slalom Consulting
  • Star Aviation
  • Techguard
  • UXC/DXC Eclipse
Non-Boeing personnel
ULP settlement requires Boeing to provide data

SEATTLE – The Boeing Company and SPEEA have agreed to settle a recent Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge SPEEA filed in May. The agreement required a posting that employees recently received, and Boeing must furnish the data requested by SPEEA that led to the charge in the first place.

A year ago, SPEEA requested the data which is relevant to contract administration. After a lengthy delay, misleading and incomplete data, SPEEA filed a grievance and filed the ULP with Region 19 of the National Labor Relations Board. The arbitration on the matter is currently scheduled for this fall.

“Our grievance states Boeing has expanded the use of Contract Labor without adhering to the required process by falsely labeling it as Purchased Services,” said Rich Plunkett, SPEEA director of strategic development. He discussed the ULP in a May 3 SPEEA News article.

“In our investigation, it became apparent local management has a perverse incentive to use Purchased Services over Contract Labor. Organizations are assessed a ‘headcount tax’ for each Boeing employee AND each contractor reporting to that same group. On the other hand, this tax is not levied for individuals coded as Purchased Services,” he said.

“It is unclear how this financial sleight of hand benefits Boeing’s bottom line but is indicative of the sub-optimizing, cost-cutting culture of Boeing today,” he said. “We need the data to understand the full scope of the situation.”

He also pointed out “this clandestine use of non-Boeing personnel is also frequently out of sight of the skill teams – the management group responsible for managing the necessary resident expertise for current and future work.”

In SPEEA contracts

SPEEA contracts allow for non-Boeing personnel to perform bargaining unit work on site, but also spell out the associated conditions, definitions and limitations.

Article 1 and Article 22 in the Professional (engineering) and Technical contracts spell out who is represented by SPEEA by virtue of the work performed.

Article 9 in both contracts contains the details relating to non-Boeing labor and the normal reporting requirements. This data is used for forecasting discussions in concert with Article 9 and Letters of Understanding (LOU) 6, 8, 9, 21 and 28.

About non-Boeing labor

Contract Labor – This is technical or engineering personnel supplied to Boeing through a third-party in the business of recruiting and supplying contracted staff to other companies. Contract personnel typically perform Boeing work on Boeing premises and are supervised by Boeing managers.

Purchased Services – This is non-Boeing labor wherein specialized engineering or technical services obtained from an outside company specifically to be used by or incorporated into a product or service. Generally, Purchased Services are contracted to complete defined statements of work.

The application, notification and protections afforded SPEEA members is significantly different for these two categories of non-Boeing labor.

For more information, contact your Council Rep or local SPEEA office. SPEEA has begun a few lunchtime meetings in areas where these individuals are resident in order to better hone our case.

Salary increase timeline for Spirit AeroSystems

WICHITA - Spirit AeroSystems salary increases will be posted after Aug. 2 and will be backdated to July 5. Raises and applicable back pay will appear in the Aug. 22 paycheck.

The backdating ensures employees receive all the appropriate pay for any increases to their base salary they may receive and also meets SPEEA contractual requirements.

SPEEA staff will monitor the 2019 salary exercise to ensure that contractual minimums were applied in accordance with the Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU) and Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU) collective bargaining agreements.

Managers will start distributing salary planning notifications the week of Aug. 5.

Conducting SPEEA business
Northwest Council Reps are shown here conducting union business at the monthly meeting. The newly elected officers ran the meeting from the SPEEA Everett Hall. The Midwest Council Reps also met July 11. At Council meetings, the Council Reps vote on motions to set policy, hear updates from elected leaders and share news, announcements and ‘good of the union,’ highlighting how members benefited from a union action or activity.

Council Reps 'TEAM' up for training and union business
Council Reps shown here received recognition for perfect attendance at regional and SPEEA Council meetings.

SEA TAC, Wash. - About 150 activists and labor guests took part in the SPEEA Leadership Conference, June 8.

The conference, with the them of TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More, provided training opportunities for Council Reps to better serve in their role as workplace union liaisons.

Guest speakers at the conference were Bill Spriggs, Ph.D., AFL-CIO chief economist, and Paul Shearon, IFPTE president and former SPEEA director of organizing.

The night before, SPEEA Council Reps representing members in Washington, Oregon, California and Kansas attened the annual SPEEA Council Convention. They elected Council officers, voted on motions regarding union policy and heard reports on labor issues.

Newly elected SPEEA Council officers

Chair - Tony Hickerson Treasurer - Michelle Cooper Secretary - Ben Blankley

The Council also hear an update from Boeing workers involved in the Seal Beach, California, organizing effort for CREATE (California Region Engineers and Technical Employees). SPEEA members who transferred from Seal Beach also talked about the impact unions and contracts make, comparing their experiences between working in the Puget Sound and Seal Beach.

SPEEA closely monitoring
Spirit implementing short workweek in
wake of 737 MAX issues

WICHITA, Kan. - After discussions with Spirit AeroSystems regarding impacts to SPEEA-represented employees, the SPEEA Executive Board accepted the company’s plan for implementing contract provisions allowing shortened workweeks for employees in the Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU) and Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU). Spirit is attempting to reduce costs as it deals with the impacts of the 737 MAX grounding.

Starting Friday, June 21, the company is shortening the workweek to 32 hours (20% per-week salary impact) for all salaried, management and executive employees working on commercial airplane programs. Employees on the Strategic Defense program are not impacted.

The WTPU contract allows shortening workweeks to 32 hours for up to 10 weeks. The WEU contract actually allows the company to save an equivalent amount with a 24-hour workweek for five weeks (40% per-week salary impact). However, Spirit’s plans call for a 32-hour workweek for both the WTPU and WEU for up to 10 weeks. The SPEEA Executive Board concurred with this contract deviation.

Spirit said employees have the flexibility to take either Monday or Friday off during the workweek. Other options require management approval.

Vacations and ETO

Scheduled vacations are unaffected. However, only 32 hours of ETO will be paid out per week. Additionally, while Earned Time Off (ETO) cannot be used to cover the day off, represented-employees with sufficient ETO hours banked can still “cash out” up to 80 hours of ETO two times during the year – one on their anniversary and at another time of their choosing during the year.

Non-Spirit personnel

Spirit has reduced indirect costs already, including the elimination of the majority of their non-Spirit personnel on site. They have committed to eliminating the remainder of the non-Spirit personnel, with the exception of less than a dozen cleared to work on a defense program.

Additional assistance

Spirit is working with the Kansas Department of Labor to secure up to $38 per week in unemployment benefits for impacted workers. The company and SPEEA are also investigating options for additional assistance for employees (e.g. how to deal with financial institutions in temporary situations such as these).


SPEEA contract administrators will monitor the implementation of the shortened workweek and its impact on represented employees to ensure compliance with our contracts and agreements with Spirit. Represented employees are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns to their Council Rep. (Find your Council Rep.)

Find the Spirit WEU and WTPU contracts - here.

Enthusiasm grows as Seal Beach employees
start signing union cards
Engineer Dave Lawicki signs a union authorization card after attending a meeting.

CREATE letter to co-workers 
SEAL BEACH, Calif. – Employees at Boeing Seal Beach are now signing union authorization cards – the next step toward their efforts to gain a voice at work.

Enthusiastic members of CREATE (California Region Engineers and Technical Employees), a potential bargaining unit of SPEEA, 
led two informational meetings talking about why they were organizing.

Leaders from SPEEA and IFPTE offered support and encouragement for the campaign during meetings while they started to sign authorization cards to join with SPEEA. “SPEEA is 100% behind you,” said President Joel Funfar. “We really need to make this successful, so you and Boeing are better off.”

IFPTE President Paul Shearon echoed the comments.

“We’re all facts and data people here,” Shearon said. “And the facts and data all point to union-representation being the best way to make improvements that benefit workers and the company.”

At the meetings, employees heard preliminary results from a recent survey that shows rising medical costs, the requirement to work four hours for free before earning pay for working more than the standard work week and the increasing chaotic workplace as major employee issues. 

Boeing has sprinkled the Seal Beach workplace with anti-union material saying they are 100% against the union and holding weekly anti-union forums for managers, human resource personnel and administrators. 

Follow Seal Beach employees’ efforts on social media and their website at

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