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Reconfirm your pension eligibility and BCERP benefit

Since this part of your compensation package is not noted on paychecks, some employees may not realize they are entitled to this benefit upon retirement. This is a valuable and important part of your retirement benefit. The benefits you have accrued to date are fully backed by the full, good faith of The Boeing Company. They are also guaranteed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

We encourage you to confirm your vesting status and accrued benefits online at Boeing’s Total Access, or by calling Boeing Total Access at 1-866-473-2016.  To find the value of your pension, you must first calculate the Boeing monthly estimate. To receive the calculation on the Total Access website:

1.      Click “My Savings and Pension”

2.      Click “Accrued Pension Benefits”

3.      Click “Boeing Pension Plans Online”

4.      Click “Pension Estimates”

5.      Click “Estimate Your Pension (single scenario).”

Enter an estimate of your expected salary growth and your age at retirement. The resulting pension estimate is a monthly payment (an annuity) that pays until your death. 

To determine the relative value of the monthly payments you will receive upon retirement, you can determine what it would cost to replace the monthly pension benefit amount by purchasing an annuity (just like your pension, an annuity pays a monthly amount for the life of the recipient).  An annuity calculator is available at By selecting your age at retirement, gender and entering the dollar amount from your Boeing estimate, you can see what it will take to replace the pension with an annuity on your retirement date.

Screen shots below show the steps and website pages.