Executive Board Election 2018

Position Statement Questions from candidates

1. Why are you running for this position?
2. What can you contribute to the membership in this position?
3. What do you perceive to be SPEEA’s primary challenges and what are your solutions?
4. Problem solving, teamwork and conflict resolution skills are critical for the position.
5. How have you helped an organization achieve an important goal?

1. Why are you running for this position?

Mehmet Ugur Koksu (for President)

The Aerospace industry and the jobs it provides are the backbone of our community. My goal is to help our union to proactively improve our services and resources for our members and to improve and expand our support for community projects. I recognize our community needs Boeing jobs, and I strongly believe that with the SPEEA Executive board, I will have the skills and power to help fill that need. I have always been an advocate of SPEEA initiatives and causes. I believe that there are specific causes and polices that are affecting our Union and I feel that I can have a real impact on these issues by running for SPEEA President.

I will do my best to ensure that our union will grow stronger within the next two years. I would like to lay a strong foundation for the future contract and get commitment from all members to ensure that no bargaining unit is left out. Collaboration with Boeing leadership team, elected representatives of local governments and community leaders can bring back the Aerospace jobs to the Northwest and Midwest where most of us call home for generations to come.

Joel Funfar (for President)

You deserve a well-trained and capable candidate to cast your vote for.

I want to be your SPEEA President and provide the leadership needed to navigate SPEEA through the challenging times ahead of us.

My involvement at SPEEA, IFPTE, and the Boeing Field / King County Airport Round Table demonstrate my commitment to serve our membership. Working to ensure SPEEA runs well at all levels, is an ambition of mine.

My activism, elected officer experience and leadership skills have prepared me for this position. I have served as: Executive Board Secretary and NW Vice President, IFPTE Vice President & Delegate, SPEEA Council Chairman and Secretary, NW Council Chairman and Secretary, SPEEA and NW Legislative and Public Affairs committee Chair, State and County Labor Council Delegate, and three times a Negotiation Team member. In addition a long term Organizational Planning committee member.

As a SPEEA leader, I work hard to strengthen relationships between the Midwest, Northwest, staff and our IFPTE International. Also represented SPEEA in meetings with Congressional and Senatorial leaders, constantly advocating for our issues.

As a SPEEA and NW Regional Council Chair, I conducted many meetings over the years and pride myself in running business efficiently with full debate of issues so all viewpoints are heard. I have been recognized by SPEEA for my leadership skills and activism.

I am well prepared and with your vote, eager to lead SPEEA as President.

Keith A. Covert (for President)
I am running for SPEEA president because it is not enough to vote for your contract, council representatives, and officers. Every member has the responsibility to lead SPEEA to a brighter future, whether as an elected officer or as a volunteer. We cannot know the situations which we face in the future, but we can elect the people each of us feels will make the tough decisions that will be necessary. We may not always agree with the decision of our leaders, but our leaders are willing to take a stand and fight for the members.
Jimmie Mathis (for Treasurer)

Our members need a well-trained and capable Treasurer to represent them.

I want to be your Treasurer and provide the leadership needed to navigate SPEEA through the challenging times ahead of us.

I have a proven track record and I am dedicated to taking the time to get it done right.

During my terms as SPEEA Treasurer, we have introduced several improvements at SPEEA. These changes have improved accountability, visibility, clarity and reducing expenses. We are developing future actions that will complement and enhance these improvements.

I have a unique background that has trained me for this position and the leadership for this position. This includes in depth knowledge of financial practices, market, understanding SPEEA, ability to work with the various groups within SPEEA, developing business budgets and managing real estate in addition to several years of developing SPEEA’s budget.

My leadership experience includes: SPEEA Treasurer, SPEEA Secretary, SPEEA Council Officers, and Lead, Principle Lead, and Program Manager in Boeing and several positions in industry including SAE and ASTM.

Over the past several years, I have been involved in refining our budgeting and accounting methods, providing financial direction and having multi-year plans.

My level of activisms has been high for my entire volunteer career with SPEEA.

In the course of my professional career, I have developed the knowledge, skills and attributes of a leader. Our union and membership face great challenges and a skilled and dedicated leadership team will be necessary for us to succeed.

I am committed to the values we espouse as an institution. I believe that the ideals, positive actions, and experience I bring to this position will have a positive affect for our membership over the next two years.

Michelle L. Cooper (for Treasurer)
As Treasurer, I want to use my energy, passion and skills to support the SPEEA organization. I want ensure SPEEA maintains solvency and flexibility and I can do this by applying my skills in a matter that provides progress, evolution and growth. I want to effectively provide my time and effort to benefit SPEEA by using my background in accounting and engineering, in particular, my characteristic natural tendency towards attention to detail. I can think of no better way to integrate my passion for SPEEA and my dedication to service than through being the Treasurer of SPEEA.
Ryan Rule (for Secretary)

As your President for the past four years I wasn’t doing everything alone; I relied on many people for a variety of support. Now that I am required to step aside (due to term limits), I would like to continue to demand thorough consideration from our board and take on this new challenge while providing some continuity on the Executive Board for our membership; for although I am currently the second youngest member, I am also the second most senior.

Additionally, I really want to fix the problems identified in the third question below, please review my response covering challenges faced by SPEEA.

Stanley Huang (for Secretary)

I’m running for SPEEA Secretary because I want to give back to the union. Outside of our current benefits, we have a support staff that helps our union run administratively. But our union is more than that. We are one of the few unions that exist not in a right-to-work state and represent technical and professional engineers. Even given all the cut-backs, we still are a strong union. Even though Boeing would rather weaken the union overall, force onto us their version of their contract, take away additional company benefits that make Boeing a global leader and highly privileged place to work. By the way, the fact that Boeing handed us a contract to sign still tells us that they know we still have a union and we still have voting rights.

I’m running because I want to make a difference. I want to push our union leadership and Boeing to a better negotiating position.

If we don’t pay attention to the politics, policy, and actions of the administration, then we lose. If we don’t pay attention to the nation-wide and global economy, and don’t understand how that affects our position, then we lose. I want to win. And the only way we can do that is to bring people back to vote. The power is truly in each individual whether they have strong beliefs about a candidate or not.

Dan Nowlin (for Secretary)

I am running for SPEEA secretary to serve our members and our union. I have reached a position in life where I have the time and family support to increase my participation. I have been an Area Representative and a Council representative. I have good relationship with the Council Representatives in both Everett and Seattle. I live in Burien and I work in Everett. I attend Council meetings in Burien, and I am closely related with the Council Representatives in Everett. I have worked closely with the Council Representatives in Wichita to hear their concerns.

I participate on the Joint Workforce Committee and the Ed Wells Partnership Leadership Team where I engage with company executives. The opportunity to meet with our executive leaders and discuss our concerns has been beneficial. It is my objective to create a working relationship with our regional and enterprise leadership, so that we can find common ground to reduce conflict and develop a better working relationship. I am committed to making our concerns known to our executive leadership, especially where the expectations of daily management is misaligned with executive leadership. As a member of the Joint Workforce Committee, I have raised our concerns about Performance Management, Retention, and Advancement. We need to agree to a process that make sense to everyone, management and employees.