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Posted 3/31/2023
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Apply for NW Council STEM grant

Are you a Northwest SPEEA member involved in STEM outreach? Apply for a Northwest Council grant related to Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM).

Click here for application

The deadline to apply is Monday, Aug. 15.

The grants are distributed to help non-profit organizations promote students’ interest in STEM-related careers.

Grant applications can only be submitted by Northwest members who are connected to the organization as a coach, mentor or parent with a student involved, for example.

Past STEM grant recipients include robotics teams affiliated with For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) and the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF).

Members needed for grant review committee

Northwest SPEEA members are encouraged to apply for the committee reviewing STEM grant applications. The committee, which includes Northwest Council officers, provides its recommendation to the Council for a vote.

To apply for the STEM Grant Review Committee, email with your contact information and school district where you live by noon, Thursday, June 30.

Posted 3/30/2023
Council Rep races in three districts

SPEEA will hold elections for three Northwest Council districts with more candidates than open seats.

The contested districts are:

  •  Everett E-23 (Mohammed A. Kadir, David Garrett and Nathan Ledbetter)
  •  Plant II P-10 (Alex Phillips, Rick Yost)
  • Renton R-4 (Peter Goodfellow, Matthew Leenknecht)

(Names in ballot order)

Election ballots go in the mail to members’ homes in those districts along with candidates’ statements by April 12. Tellers will count ballots April 26.

Reminder – Federal laws prohibit the use of company or union resources in campaigning, including email, copy machines and bulletin boards. This applies to candidates and their supporters.

In the other districts, members with valid petitions ran unopposed.

Click here to see the names of all members who submitted valid petitions.

Vacancies remain - Run for a vacant Council seat!
Recent redistricting and retirements created, and left, vacancies that now need Council Representatives.

The Northwest and Midwest regions each have seats available for members interested in serving and working with fellow employees as their union representative. It’s rewarding work for members who want to make a difference at work!

For the instructions, petition and district delineation, click here. Submit your petition and statement to by noon, Tuesday, May 9.

List of districts with a vacancy

Benefits of becoming a Council Representative

  • Become more knowledgeable about your union contract and benefits and help others with questions.
  • Expand your network by getting to know more members, managers and others.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills working with SPEEA staff to assist co-workers with contract or workplace issues.
  • Connect with company leaders through site partnership meetings at Boeing or meetings with Spirit AeroSystems’ CEO.
  • Additional protection from layoffs – see contract articles related to union officials.

Training is provided to Council Reps along with ongoing support from SPEEA contract administrators and other union staff.

Learn more at (drop-down menu: Member Tools/Council Reps).

Posted 3/8/2023
Executive Board

Regional vice president election results

Members elected Mike Arrington, John Dimas and Jeffrey L. Forbes to serve as Northwest regional vice presidents. Midwest Regional Vice President Chris Streckfus ran unopposed to serve another term.

NW VP candidates Votes
Mike Arrington 469
Christopher Tracy 114
Tami Reichersamer 140
John Dimas 612
Jeffrey L. Forbes 363
David Garrett 358

Candidate names appear in ballot order with winners’ names in bold.

A total of 1,138 valid ballots were received out of a total of 13,862 authorized. Northwest Tellers validated and counted ballots and certified results March 8.

The regional vice presidents begin two-year terms March 22.

About the SPEEA Executive Board
The seven-member board typically meets twice a month and provides oversight to SPEEA activities and expenses.

Posted 2/24/2023
Boeing's desire for forced distribution
stumbles into SPEEA contracts

SPEEA members are rightly expressing concerns about The Boeing Company’s recent moves to change the established Annual Compensation Review process to a system that employs a forced distribution of ratings to distribute raises – something the company has already forced onto non-represented employees.

SPEEA initiated discussions by posing several questions to Boeing regarding any potential change to the Performance Management process, retention rating system and/or the Annual Compensation Review (ACR) process. The Overall Performance Rating, formally known as Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA), is the result of the ACR process and is on your salary notification form.

Continue reading

A panel of speakers address the results of a study showing Washington state continues to rank No. 1 in the nation for aerospace manufacturing. From left, Dominic Gates, Seattle Times aerospace reporter and moderator, Richard Aboulafia, AeroDynamic Advisory managing director, Ron Epstein, managing director for aerospace and defense, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Martha Neubauer, associate, AeroDynamic Advisory, and Kevin Michaels, AeroDynamic Advisory.

Posted 2/8/2023
Aerospace analysts panel discusses competitiveness study

EVERETT, Wash. – SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001 and IAMAW District 751 hosted a panel discussion Feb. 7 with aerospace analysts to discuss the results of the recent Aerospace Competitive Economics Study (ACES).

For the third year, the ACES study finds Washington state is the most competitive business environment for the design, engineering and manufacture of major aerospace structures and the final assembly of aircraft in the nation.

Read the Aerospace Competitive Economics Study

About 50 attended the panel discussion in Everett, Wash., including members of both the IAM and SPEEA, reporters and congressional staff.

AeroDynamic Advisory prepared the study for SPEEA and IAM. The 59-page study looked at metrics such as costs, labor and education, infrastructure, risk to operation, research and innovation and taxes/incentives.

Panel moderator

Dominic Gates, aerospace reporter, The Seattle Times


  • Richard L. Aboulafia, managing director, AeroDynamic Advisory 
  • Kevin Michaels, managing director, AeroDynamic Advisory
  • Martha Neubauer, associate, AeroDynamic Advisory
  • Ron Epstein, managing director for aerospace and defense, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Jon Holden, president/directing business representative, IAMAW District 751
  • Richard Plunkett, director of strategic development, SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001
Posted 1/12/2023
Puget Sound Labor Agency

Help the community - Donate to PSLA
Puget Sound Labor Agency (PSLA) supports clients in the most dignified way possible. This means putting customer service at the forefront of everything we do. Visiting PSLA is a welcoming and inclusive experience. Clients can find culturally appropriate foods, fresh produce, and a variety of dry goods during their visits.

Using a new distribution method, clients choose up to 30 pounds of the food that they need - not pre-packaged grocery boxes. In addition to union members in need, PSLA serves anyone who comes in, regardless of income or area code. Quality is always a priority. 

You can help!
Rising cost of living and impacts from the pandemic means more people are in need today than in years past. PSLA is now taking secure donations through PayPal. Make a one-time donation or consider a monthly donation. Follow the link below to get more information about PSLA and helping someone in our community. 

Information and donating - PSLA

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations to PSLA are tax deductible.
Posted updated 1/12/2023
No 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) for SPEEA
      With management unwilling to address SPEEA's concerns regarding Spirit's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) probram, the company and union agreed BYOD is not applicable to SPEEA-represented employees.
      SPEEA-represented employees are not required to use their personal phone for company business. If management asks you, as a SPEEA-represented employee, to provide their personal phone for company use, politely decline, and let your local Council Rep or SPEEA staff know immediately. 
Posted 9/28/2022
Solidarity with Ukraine
SPEEA calls for more action by Boeing against Russia

SEATTLE - Russia’s continued attack on Ukraine and its people demands more action by U.S. corporations, including The Boeing Company.

While more than 400 U.S. companies have stopped and removed operations in Russia, Boeing has only announced “suspension” of work in Moscow and elsewhere.

Boeing previously announced it will no longer buy titanium and aluminum from Russia. With the most recent announcement of Russia calling up more troops and escalating the war, it is clear stronger action is warranted.

The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), IFPTE Local 2001, calls on Boeing to cease all operations in Russia and start the permanent transfer of that work to other locations.

The destruction and atrocities Russia is inflicting on Ukraine and its people will reverberate for decades after this brutal conflict ends. As a world leader in aerospace, Boeing’s permanent departure will send a strong message to Russia that there are far reaching consequences for invading and inflicting unforgivable death and destruction on sovereign countries and their people.

In making this call to Boeing, the 17,000 SPEEA-represented employees at Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems, extend a hand of solidarity to the people of Ukraine. While we cannot fully imagine the horrors Russia has inflicted on you, your families, and your way of life this past year, we are in awe of your bravery and resolve to save your country.

As a union formed and maintained by collective action, we stand in Solidarity with the people of Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with our call on Russia to end this conflict and recall its troops.

Updated 9/22/2022
The Boeing Company
Virtual work should remain an option for SPEEA members

The Boeing Company’s unilateral corporate edict for employees to return to the workplace is more focused on workplace optics than actual data regarding productivity.

SPEEA-represented employees continue to show high levels of productivity – whether working on-site or virtually.

Union leaders and staff have repeatedly engaged Boeing on the need to allow employees to work virtually. Despite Boeing acknowledging virtual work is not impacting productivity and the company’s elimination of many on-site work spaces, corporate remains committed to returning its employees to the workplace.

While requiring its own direct employees to return to the workplace, Boeing continues to outsource work to locations around the world – effectively allowing this outsourced work to be performed offsite.

The people who are entrusted to design, engineer and support the manufacturing of the world’s most sophisticated aerospace products should also be trusted by their employer to decide how to best get their group’s work statement completed. It is unfortunate management continues to assert its right to manage workers with less than adequate regard for the needs and well-being of its employees.

We encourage employees who want or need to continue working virtually to discuss their situation, viable options, and accommodations with their manager. Many local managers are working with employees and finding solutions such as long-term telecommuting or leave of absences.

Information in LOU-13 relating to Virtual Office/Telecommuting of the Prof and Tech contracts may be helpful.

Join a committee!

Committees are open to all members and cover a wide range of interests. Interested in politics? Join the Legislative and Public Affairs Committee. Other committees focus on diversity, member activities, new members, women's advocacy, veterans issues and other issues important to members. Attend a meeting to get a feel for the issues and activities. New issues and ideas are always welcome.

Established committees, along with their charter and officers are listed on the committee pages. For more information, attend a meeting or contact one of the committee officers.

SPEEA Committees                        Midwest Committees                    Northwest Committees

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