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Important reminder
“Self-Evaluation” does not apply to SPEEA members

SPEEA-represented employees DO NOT need to complete a self-evaluation as part of The Boeing Company's interim performance review process.  

While the automated Workday notification advises SPEEA-represented employees to disregard the Self-Evaluation,” the continued reference in messages brings questions. The self-evaluation is not part of the SPEEA process and should not be completed.

If additional clarification is needed or questions arise, contact SPEEA at:

Breakdown available for review
Boeing lays off 1,239 SPEEA-represented employees
Breakdown of Prof & Tech layoffs
Boeing data – excel format

As SPEEA contract administrators continue to review the layoff information provided by The Boeing Company for accuracy and compliance with union contracts, the overall data is available to members.

The Boeing Company notified 1,239 SPEEA-represented employees that they are being laid off. The break down shows 697 employees in the Professional unit and 542 employees in the Technical unit are being released.

Added to the 1,304 employees who applied and were approved for voluntary layoff, a total of 2,543 SPEEA-represented employees are leaving the company. Union contract administrators continue to monitor the layoff processes to help ensure impacted employees receive all the benefits guaranteed by our union contracts.

SPEEA is scheduling webinars, rapid response meetings and working to help impacted employees. The SPEEA website is being regularly updated with information to assist members. Visit the Layoff assistance information page.

Spirit layoffs – 111 SPEEA-represented employees impacted

SPEEA received word from Spirit AeroSystems that 111 represented employees received formal notices of layoff this week as part of the current downturn. While less than the 302 represented employees who were warned of the possibility of layoff earlier this month, the news is disappointing. The breakdown shows 21 employees in the Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU) and 90 employees in the Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU) are being laid off.

Union contract administrators are monitoring the process to help ensure impacted employees receive all the benefits guaranteed by our union contracts.

No employees working defense programs are impacted by the current layoffs. 

Spirit confirmed this week defense employees have new job codes that reflect they are defense employees and separate from employees doing the same work on the commercial side of the company. The change impacts job codes in the WEU and WTPU.

2020 STEM grants canceled
Due to anticipated budget shortfalls, the Executive Board canceled the Northwest Council grants for this year related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

The decision is part of the Board’s effort to reduce expenses because of current and anticipated layoffs at The Boeing Company, Spirit AeroSystems and Triumph Composite Systems.

Those who have already applied for the STEM grant will be contacted, as well as those members who applied for the STEM Grant Review Committee.
Boeing’s Annual Compensation Review is retroactive

The effective date of Annual Compensation Review (ACR) at The Boeing Company is retroactive.  Special processing of paychecks for SPEEA members at Boeing will occur as follows:

Professional Unit - Salary Effective Date = March 13, 2020:
   -  April 30 paycheck will reflect the new merit rate starting April 10 and the Lump Sum.
   -  May 28 paycheck will include the retroactive rate from March 13 to April 9.

Technical Unit - Salary Effective Date = March 13, 2020: 
   -  June 25 paycheck will reflect the new merit rate starting June 5 and the Lump Sum.
   -  July 23 paycheck will include the retroactive rate from March 13 to June 4.

Retention and designation appeal deadline at Boeing

SPEEA Professional and Technical Bargaining Units have a retention appeal process in their contracts (Article 8.4 for both units). If your retention rating dropped, you were assigned R3 four years in a row, or were given a Designation, you may appeal.

Retention ratings are assigned by management to determine the order of layoff if needed. Ranking and ratings are done within the same major organization, job family and Skill Management Code (SMC) for employees in the Professional unit and also level in the Technical unit.

Deadline to file an appeal – The completed appeal request form and supporting documents must be sent to SPEEA within 
30 day
 of receiving the retention rating notice.

For questions, more information can be found on the process and requirements to appeal on the Retention page (drop-down menu –Member Tools/Retention).

SPEEA contracts do not allow furlough

Swift action by SPEEA this week clarified and ended Boeing informing, or letting some represented employees believe, they could be furloughed – i.e. forced to take days off without pay.

SPEEA contracts do not allow for represented employees to be furloughed.

Additionally, employees available for work should not be in a non-pay status for even a portion of their work week. This includes being forced to use sick leave and vacation to get to full time status.

While many things in our lives have changed as the world deals with the COVID-19 crisis, the protections afforded by our SPEEA contracts remain in place. SPEEA staff and your elected leaders continue working hard to ensure our companies abide by our legally binding contracts. 

The contracts do allow for layoffs when a surplus condition occurs. These start with a call for Voluntary Layoffs and the elimination of non-Boeing personnel performing similar work prior to a SPEEA-represented employee facing a non-voluntary layoff.  Represented employees subject to layoff are given 60 Days Advanced Notification of the layoff. At the time of layoff represented employees receive layoff benefits in accordance with SPEEA contracts.

The chart should help clarify any questions members have regarding charging and the protections provided by our union contracts with Boeing.

Boeing, Spirit start return to operations –
Safety remains top priority

As Spirit AeroSystems and The Boeing Company start phasing in operations on Monday (April 20), SPEEA reminds represented employees that remaining safe at work is every employee’s top priority.

On Friday, The Boeing Company clarified its return to work announcement. Employees who are able to continue working from home must continue to do so until directed by management to report to the workplace. Employees who are unable to work from home should coordinate their return to the workplace with their manager.

SPEEA-represented employees at Spirit in Wichita who have been working from home, and who are not requested to be on site to support production, should continue to work remotely. Four-day work weeks continue.

Boeing informed SPEEA it received the go-ahead to resume operations from the State of Washington. Spirit is classified as a essential service in Kansas. The companies are providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to employees. It is vital everyone use PPEs and follow distancing guidelines. Immediately report any lapses to management AND to your SPEEA Council Rep and/or the SPEEA office.

While we certainly hope all safety precautions are in place, experience tells us lapses will occur. This is human nature. The faster these lapses are reported and corrected, the safer the workplace becomes. The last thing Boeing and its employees need at this difficult time, is a COVID-19 crisis created by someone not wearing proper PPEs or not following distancing guidelines.

While SPEEA offices remain closed, Contract Administrators and staff remain working remotely to help with workplace issues and assist members. New information and updates are posted on the SPEEA website. In particular, SPEEA contract administrators will be following any safety issues that develop and immediately working them to help ensure SPEEA-represented employees and all Boeing employees that return to work have all the protective equipment they need, and the workplace environment is safe.

How to Wear and Remove Ear Loop Procedural Masks

Important information
Resources for employees facing income loss
during Boeing’s suspended operations

The elected officers and staff at SPEEA hope you and your families are safe during these difficult times. While SPEEA offices are closed, staff continues to work with Boeing and our publicly elected officials to push for additional resources to help impacted employees. 

For represented-employees working from home and authorized to continue – fantastic! You will continue to receive your paycheck as normal.  

For the SPEEA-represented employees who cannot work from home during the suspension of operations, we have compiled a list of information and resources on unemployment insurance benefits to help support you and your family.  

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