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Posted 11/29/2023
Election guides
Seeking candidates for Executive Board and Teller committees

SPEEA is seeking eligible members interested in stepping up for their union.

For those interested in upcoming openings, the election guides include eligibility and candidate information requirements along with timelines and other important information.

New terms for SPEEA president, treasurer and secretary
SPEEA is seeking eligible candidates to run for these Executive Board officer positions. In case of a contested race, SPEEA will send a candidate guide and ballot to all members for voting.

The seven-member Board administers the affairs of SPEEA. The four regional vice presidents run for office in odd-numbered years.

New terms for Tellers Committees
The Tellers oversee SPEEA and regional elections and processes, including the candidates’ petitions and statements validation. They also work with the SPEEA comptroller to review the annual auditor’s report and monitor Council districts to ensure each district has enough Council Reps for the number of members in their area.

Posted 11/22/2023
2024 payday calendars

Now online


·  SPEEA-Boeing

·  SPEEA-Spirit

Starting in January, go to (Drop-down menu: Member Tools/Payday Calendars)

Posted 11/14/2023
Judicial Review Committee (JRC)
Seeking eligible members to apply for JRC

SPEEA is seeking eligible members to apply for the Judicial Review Committee (JRC), the final hearing body for charges within the union.

The JRC consists of three members who are called together to provide their interpretation of the union’s Constitution and By-Laws as the final hearing body for charges within SPEEA. This committee only meets when needed.


Members of the JRC typically have experience in one or preferably several positions within SPEEA.

A member of the JRC is required to have served, within the past five years, one of the following roles (or a combination of two or more for at least two years):

  • Executive Board
  • Council Representative
  • Tellers Committee (overseeing union elections)
  • Judicial Review Committee
  • Any Council committee

Note: Judicial Review Committee members cannot concurrently serve in any of these roles, except for non-governing documents committees, because of potential conflicts.

To apply

Email by close of business, Monday, Dec. 4, with your contact information and a brief statement about your qualifications/interest.

The Executive Board will review and submit the names of qualified members to the SPEEA Council. Members of the JRC are then elected by the SPEEA Council.

For more information

For details, click here to see the SPEEA Constitution, Section 10, which starts on Page 19.

Posted 11/3/2023
SPEEA seeking candidates for Tukwila office staff opening

SPEEA is filling an opening for the administrative support staff team based at the Tukwila Hall. This is a front office administrative and accounting support role.

Responsibilities include clerical, administrative and organizational tasks, accounting support and incoming calls, emails and mail.

 Essential skills include light bookkeeping experience, ability to handle the reception area and experience with MS Office Suite (primarily Word and Excel). 

 Learn more at (search SPEEA).

Posted 10/23/2023
SPEEA supports striking autoworkers and actors

The SPEEA Council voted to send letters of support to the United Autoworkers (UAW) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

SPEEA also highlighted the letters in the November Spotlite which will be posted online in early November.

Click here to read the letters.
Posted 7/21/2023
Boeing Profs and Techs
SPEEA contracts limit how long managers can
stop employees from transferring

While Boeing continues to push for individuals to speak up when they see something and otherwise operate as informed, intelligent individuals, some managers are pushing for containment.

One of those measures is to keep employees in their current positions when the individual wants to transfer to another Boeing job. SPEEA’s Prof and Tech contracts limit the amount of time a manager can keep an employee from transferring, which is contrary to the new, non-union enterprise practice.

Our contracts reference an older Boeing policy that includes a number of important details. The policy includes a process for “Critical Situations” related to retention of employees which logically includes visibility to and the approval of a vice president. 

For all other situations, employees are considered “releaseable” 12 months after their date of hire, rehire, recall from layoff or being transferred at their own request. The policy also includes the caveat below:

Release earlier than 12 months or from an established program or job assignment conclusion date may be authorized when the releasing management determines such release to be in the best interest of the company and employee.


If you are told you cannot take another position due to not being in your job long enough, email and ask for your contract administrator. See your contract online at (drop-down menu: Bargaining Units/Contracts).

Updated 9/22/2022
The Boeing Company
Virtual work should remain an option for SPEEA members

The Boeing Company’s unilateral corporate edict for employees to return to the workplace is more focused on workplace optics than actual data regarding productivity.

SPEEA-represented employees continue to show high levels of productivity – whether working on-site or virtually.

Union leaders and staff have repeatedly engaged Boeing on the need to allow employees to work virtually. Despite Boeing acknowledging virtual work is not impacting productivity and the company’s elimination of many on-site work spaces, corporate remains committed to returning its employees to the workplace.

While requiring its own direct employees to return to the workplace, Boeing continues to outsource work to locations around the world – effectively allowing this outsourced work to be performed offsite.

The people who are entrusted to design, engineer and support the manufacturing of the world’s most sophisticated aerospace products should also be trusted by their employer to decide how to best get their group’s work statement completed. It is unfortunate management continues to assert its right to manage workers with less than adequate regard for the needs and well-being of its employees.

We encourage employees who want or need to continue working virtually to discuss their situation, viable options, and accommodations with their manager. Many local managers are working with employees and finding solutions such as long-term telecommuting or leave of absences.

Information in LOU-13 relating to Virtual Office/Telecommuting of the Prof and Tech contracts may be helpful.

Join a committee!

Committees are open to all members and cover a wide range of interests. Interested in politics? Join the Legislative and Public Affairs Committee. Other committees focus on diversity, member activities, new members, women's advocacy, veterans issues and other issues important to members. Attend a meeting to get a feel for the issues and activities. New issues and ideas are always welcome.

Established committees, along with their charter and officers are listed on the committee pages. For more information, attend a meeting or contact one of the committee officers.

SPEEA Committees                        Midwest Committees                    Northwest Committees

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