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Prof & Tech Annual Annual Enrollment - Nov. 3 to 24, 2020
Click image above for video, separate link to: slideshow only

Boeing open enrollment runs from Tuesday, Nov. 3 to Tuesday, Nov. 24. This is the only time of the year to make routine changes to your medical plans.

Learn more about the health care plan options in a video presented by Jason Collette, SPEEA contract administrator and benefits coordinator. The presentation slides are also available online.

Open enrollment highlights

  • You and your spouse need to take the online health assessment by Nov. 24 to avoid a $20 monthly fee.Taking the health assessment is not required for retirees.
  • The biggest change this year pertains to the pharmacy benefit manager. Members should see minimal disruption.
  • Monthly premiums decreased slightly for Traditional Medical Plan, Select Network and Kaiser Permanente. Boeing's Health Savings Account contributions remain unchanged from 2020.

The November SPEEA Spotlite includes more details, including an overview and plan comparison table in a four-page special section.

For specific questions, email

Overdue JIFF payments coming to SPEEA members

SPEEA and The Boeing Company agreed to settle a long-standing grievance that will send checks of about $125 to some 1,264 members who did not receive the full amount from the company’s JIFF Well Being Co-Pilot rewards program.

Lodged in October of 2018, the grievance was filed because program rewards and incentives for participating in well-being activities were less for SPEEA-represented employees than those offered and granted to non-union employees.

SPEEA members in the Professional and Technical units who participated in the program and earned more than $100 in the program during 2019 are receiving $125. Boeing is paying out a total of $158,000 to the impacted SPEEA members.

The payments are expected to be included in the Nov. 12 paychecks. 

SPEEA testifies to Washington state Senate
Ray Goforth

SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth was among the officials providing expert testimony on Tuesday (Oct. 27) to the Washington Senate Special Committee on Economic Recovery. Goforth, along with Machinists District 751 President Jon Holden and Aerospace Analyst Richard Aboulafia, advised the committee to invest in education, infrastructure and look beyond Boeing to maintain and expand the states aerospace industry.  The virtual committee meeting was televised by TVW.

Senate Special Committee - video

As Boeing shrinks, what about Airbus? Everett Herald

Layoff notices at Spirit AeroSystems

WICHITA – Spirit AeroSystems recently issued Involuntary Layoff notices to 50 SPEEA-represented employees. For a majority, their last day of work is Dec. 11, with pay through Dec. 22.

Spirit also accepted 12 applications for Voluntary Layoff (VLO) from six Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU) and six Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU) employees. Their final date of employment is Oct. 30.

SPEEA contract administrators continue to review the layoff information to ensure accuracy and compliance with union contracts.

The SPEEA website is being regularly updated with information to assist members. Go to (drop-down menu: Member Tools/Layoff Information).

SPEEA monitoring pays off

SPEEA staff recently noted 10 SPEEA-represented employees were laid off without sufficient notice.

Because of the union monitoring this issue and working with legal counsel, Spirit AeroSystems agreed to an additional one-time, lump sum payment.

The payment consisted of two weeks salary plus an amount equal to one month of COBRA medical coverage for the 10 affected.

Rapid Response webinars for members facing layoff
Oregon WorkSource unemployment webinars

Tuesday (weekly)
10 a.m.

Event link:

iPhone one-tap
Dial: 1-346-248-7799
Webinar ID: 42324196#

Dial 1-253-215-8782  or 1-301-715-8592
Webinar ID: 423 241 496

SPEEA has partnered with Rapid Response Teams in Washington and Oregon to hold informational webinars for employees who receive a WARN notice or volunteered for layoff.

Webinars continue each Tuesday in Oregon. While no new webinars have been scheduled in Washington, new webinars will be scheduled on an as-needed basis and posted to this website.

Information provided in the webinars is tailored for the locations where members receive services.

At the webinars, representatives from state Employment Security, WorkSource, Community and Technical Colleges, Employment Benefits Security Administration and Labor Councils provide information about services, benefits, and answer questions.

SPEEA among many disappointed with Boeing

SEATTLE – The Boeing Company’s decision to consolidate 787 production in North Charleston and abandon its Dreamliner line in Everett is disappointing and frustrating to the thousands of engineers, technical workers and pilots represented by the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), IFPTE Local 2001.

Union leaders have asked Boeing for specifics about the move and which employees will be impacted. As many engineers and technical workers’ jobs span multiple programs, and Boeing having issues with its own “Worklife” employee system, it’s difficult to immediately know which employee groups are affected.

“This is disappointing to our members and all Boeing employees in the Puget Sound region,” said SPEEA President Ryan Rule.

Since launching the 787 program in 2003, through its first flight in 2009 and delivery to launch customer ANA in 2011, the professional aerospace employees represented by SPEEA have been integral to the program.

“We believe Boeing is making a mistake,” said SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth.  “SPEEA’s immediate focus is supporting the members who will be laid-off.  Long term we will partner with community stakeholders to attract new aerospace jobs to the state by marketing the aerospace talent pool Boeing is walking away from.”

The news leaked out the night before FAA Administrator Steve Dickson flew the 737 MAX on a test flight as part of the process to recertify the airplane and return it to service. Boeing recently laid off its last seven, highly skilled, Flight Training Pilots (FTA) and announced training for the pilots of airline customers is being outsourced to Cambridge Communications, Ltd., a pilot contract house based in the Isle of Man.

Boeing eliminates customer Flight Training Airplane pilots, sending jobs to overseas contract house

SEATTLE – The Boeing Company delivered layoff notices to its remaining seven Flight Training Airplane (FTA) pilots last month and will instead send the critical work of providing on-site training for airline customers to Cambridge Communications Limited (CCL), a contract house based in the Isle of Man.

Once hired and working for Boeing, the contract pilots are provided Boeing uniforms and business cards making them indistinguishable from Boeing’s own flight training pilots when they work with airlines and regulatory agencies.

The move came just days after the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released its investigation of the 737 MAX. Based on a year-long investigation, the report, along with citing a “culture of concealment” in Boeing management,  calls on the company to provide additional training specific to the 737 MAX upgrades to every airline pilot flying the plane after it returns to service.

“I cannot believe Boeing chose this moment to fire their highly experienced training pilots and outsource their work to contractors they don’t even control,” said SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth

At press time, SPEEA was preparing other actions to take on behalf of the pilots.

IFPTE News Release - President of the Engineers Union Slams Boeing Plan to Fire Top-Notch Training Pilots

SPEEA Press Release - Boeing eliminates customer Flight Training Airplane pilots, sending jobs to overseas contract house

Spirit – WEU & WTPU
SPEEA aware, monitoring letters regarding Pension Value Plan

Spirit AeroSystems recently mailed information letters to employees with balances remaining in the Boeing Pension Value Plan.

Labeled; “Notice To Interested Parties (NTIP),” the letters were sent to meet reporting requirements of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Only Spirit, Day 1 employees who previously worked at Boeing are receiving the notice.

SPEEA is aware of the letters, communicating with Spirit and monitoring company actions.

Represented employees with questions can contact SPEEA or send questions directly to Spirit at

Boeing, Spirit AeroSystems issue more layoff notices
Boeing layoff notices
9-18-2020 (Effective 11-20-2020)
8-28-2020 (Effective 10-30-2020)
7-31-2020 (Effective 10-02-2020)
6-26-2020 (Effective 8-28-2020)
5-29-2020 (Effective 7-31-2020)
4-24-2020 (Effective 6-26-2020) None Issued
3-29-2020 (Effective 5-25-2020)
2-07-2020 (Effective 4-24-2020) None Issued
1-17-2020 (Effective 3-20-2020) None Issued
Spirit AeroSystems layoff notices
Spirit letter to SPEEA on WARN notices - July 31
Spirit WEU - July 31
Spirit WTPU - July 31
Spirit WEU - May 1
Spirit WTPU - May 1

The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems issued additional involuntary layoff notices to SPEEA-represented employees on Friday,September 18.

SPEEA contract administrators continue to review the layoff information provided by Boeing and Spirit to ensure accuracy and compliance with union contracts.

SPEEA is scheduling webinars, rapid response meetings and working to help impacted employees. The SPEEA website is being regularly updated with information to assist members. Workplace Council Representatives and SPEEA Contract Administrators are available to answer members' questions.

Visit the Layoff assistance information page. 

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