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COVID Photo Policy

SPEEA publications and
the website are only using
group photographs if everyone
in the photo is wearing a proper facial covering. Children under
the age of two years and individuals in the same
immediate family are exempt.

This policy remains in effect
in compliance with public
health guidelines and until the
SPEEA Executive Board
rescinds the policy.

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Labor scholarships
Union members’ high school seniors can apply

SPEEA members’ children who are going to start their first year of college in the fall can apply for labor union scholarships.

SPEEA members’ children who are going to start their first year of college in the fall can apply for labor union scholarships.

IFPTE – Dominick D. Critelli, Jr. scholarships, worth $2,500 each

  • Eligibility - Children or grandchildren of SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001 members.
  • Application – click here
  • Deadline to apply – May 15.

Learn more at

Pierce County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO – The Jerry Beckendorf Community Services Scholarship,

  • Eligibility – union members’ high school seniors must live in Pierce County, Wash.
  • Application – click here
  • Deadline to apply – March 26.
Learn more at
Stay safe!
SPEEA urges everyone to mask up and get vaccinated!

SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001, urges everyone to get informed and get vaccinated. Check out this fact sheet on the COVID-19 vaccine from the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

For more information

SPEEA Action Alert
Tell lawmakers to support job protection for aerospace workers

Join SPEEA members and others in urging Congress to include the bipartisan Aviation Manufacturing Jobs Protection Act in COVID-19 relief bills.

If passed, the Act would provide much-needed relief to workers by restoring U.S. aerospace jobs and preventing further wide-spread layoffs in the aerospace manufacturing industry, including suppliers.

The legislation is led by Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) in the Senate and Reps. Rick Larsen (D-WA) and Ron Estes (R-KS) in the House.

Learn more


With the SPEEA Action Alert, you can easily personalize a template email. By entering your zip code, the email goes directly to your district/state’s Congressional leaders.  

Click here to take action!

SPEEA Executive Board
11 candidates for four VP seats

The Tellers validated petitions for nine candidates for three Northwest regional vice president seats and two candidates for one Midwest regional vice president seat.

Northwest candidates - three positions

  • Dan Nowlin
  • John Dimas
  • Douglas Brazeal
  • Rogelio Garcia
  • Daniel Peters
  • Mike Arrington
  • William Mark Worden
  • Deena Hougham
  • Stanley Huang
Midwest candidates - one position
  • Chris Streckfus
  • Frank Wiesner

Names are in ballot order – determined by a random drawing

SPEEA will mail a ballot packet, including candidate information, to members’ homes by Feb. 24. Ballots are counted March 10.

Reminder about campaigning

Federal law prohibits candidates and their supporters from using company/union resources such as work email or bulletin boards.

Candidates can, at their expense, mail campaign literature to members’ homes. They work with a bonded mailing house. Addresses are never provided directly to a candidate. 

SPEEA Statement on the unrest in our country

SPEEA shares the shock of our nation at the events which took place this
week in Washington D.C. and state capitals.

The vote of the people and the peaceful transition of power are core values upon which our democracy, society, and working families depend. SPEEA condemns
all efforts to hinder this process through violence, intimidation, or other violations
of law.

SPEEA calls upon all members of civil society to set aside our policy differences and unite to help our nation peacefully move forward.

We congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris on their lawful election to our country’s highest offices.

Profs and Techs
Boeing sets earlier date for 2021 salary adjustment funds

Boeing accelerated the effective date of the 2021 Annual Compensation Review from the contractual date of Friday, March 12 to Friday, Feb. 26. 

Active Boeing employees in the Prof and Tech bargaining units on Dec. 31, 2020 (including those on a Leave of Absence of less than 180 days) are eligible for the contractual raise pools and lump sums if they are SPEEA-represented on Feb. 26.    

2021 Salary Adjustment Funds

  • Prof Unit – includes a 2.0% guaranteed Lump Sum Award and a 3.0% Selective Wage Pool. 
  • Tech Unit – includes a 2.0% guaranteed Lump Sum Award, a 0.5% Minimum Guaranteed Wage Increase and a 2.5% Selective Wage Pool. 

Additionally, any unspent promotional 2020 funds will be added to the selective pools for 2021.

Rapid Response webinars for members facing layoff
Oregon WorkSource unemployment webinars

Tuesday (weekly)
10 a.m.

Event link:

iPhone one-tap
Dial: 1-346-248-7799
Webinar ID: 42324196#

Dial 1-253-215-8782  or 1-301-715-8592
Webinar ID: 423 241 496

SPEEA has partnered with Rapid Response Teams in Washington and Oregon to hold informational webinars for employees who receive a WARN notice or volunteered for layoff.

Webinars continue each Tuesday in Oregon. While no new webinars have been scheduled in Washington, new webinars will be scheduled on an as-needed basis and posted to this website.

Information provided in the webinars is tailored for the locations where members receive services.

At the webinars, representatives from state Employment Security, WorkSource, Community and Technical Colleges, Employment Benefits Security Administration and Labor Councils provide information about services, benefits, and answer questions.

Boeing eliminates customer Flight Training Airplane pilots, sending jobs to overseas contract house

SEATTLE – The Boeing Company delivered layoff notices to its remaining seven Flight Training Airplane (FTA) pilots last month and will instead send the critical work of providing on-site training for airline customers to Cambridge Communications Limited (CCL), a contract house based in the Isle of Man.

Once hired and working for Boeing, the contract pilots are provided Boeing uniforms and business cards making them indistinguishable from Boeing’s own flight training pilots when they work with airlines and regulatory agencies.

The move came just days after the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released its investigation of the 737 MAX. Based on a year-long investigation, the report, along with citing a “culture of concealment” in Boeing management,  calls on the company to provide additional training specific to the 737 MAX upgrades to every airline pilot flying the plane after it returns to service.

“I cannot believe Boeing chose this moment to fire their highly experienced training pilots and outsource their work to contractors they don’t even control,” said SPEEA Executive Director Ray Goforth

At press time, SPEEA was preparing other actions to take on behalf of the pilots.

IFPTE News Release - President of the Engineers Union Slams Boeing Plan to Fire Top-Notch Training Pilots

SPEEA Press Release - Boeing eliminates customer Flight Training Airplane pilots, sending jobs to overseas contract house

Boeing, Spirit AeroSystems issue more layoff notices
Boeing layoff notices
1_22_2021 (Effective 3_26_2021)
9-18-2020 (Effective 11-20-2020)
8-28-2020 (Effective 10-30-2020)
7-31-2020 (Effective 10-02-2020)
6-26-2020 (Effective 8-28-2020)
5-29-2020 (Effective 7-31-2020)
4-24-2020 (Effective 6-26-2020) None Issued
3-29-2020 (Effective 5-25-2020)
2-07-2020 (Effective 4-24-2020) None Issued
1-17-2020 (Effective 3-20-2020) None Issued
Spirit AeroSystems layoff notices
Spirit letter to SPEEA on WARN notices - July 31
Spirit WEU - July 31
Spirit WTPU - July 31
Spirit WEU - May 1
Spirit WTPU - May 1

The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems issued additional involuntary layoff notices to SPEEA-represented employees on Friday,September 18.

SPEEA contract administrators continue to review the layoff information provided by Boeing and Spirit to ensure accuracy and compliance with union contracts.

SPEEA is scheduling webinars, rapid response meetings and working to help impacted employees. The SPEEA website is being regularly updated with information to assist members. Workplace Council Representatives and SPEEA Contract Administrators are available to answer members' questions.

Visit the Layoff assistance information page. 

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