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Posted 10/12/2021
SPEEA statement on vaccine mandates

With our employers now mandating vaccines and deadlines nearing to be fully vaccinated by the Dec. 8, federal government mandate, SPEEA is talking with employers to ensure implementation gives proper consideration to members' concerns, health issues and abides by the provisions of our negotiated contracts.

As the SPEEA Executive Board stated before, we encourage members to get vaccinated for the safety of themselves, their families and co-workers. We also remind members, the mandates stem from a federal directive and our employers’ need to provide a safe working environment for you and your co-workers.


Members with legitimate health and/or religious reasons preventing them from being vaccinated are encouraged to apply for the appropriate exemption. If issues arise while applying for an exemption, contact SPEEA.

We are encouraged that the vast majority of members we are hearing from are vaccinated and following health professionals’ recommendations to wear a face mask, wash hands frequently and practice social distancing. If you see lapses in the workplace or a lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), report it to management and to your SPEEA Council Rep and/or the SPEEA office. SPEEA continues to monitor PPE availability, workplace guidelines and pursue continued virtual work options for members.

SPEEA offices in Tukwila and Everett are open but with very reduced staff. Telephones are being forwarded as SPEEA staff continue working remotely to reduce face-to-face contact per government and health care recommendations. Midwest workers looking to visit the office should contact staff first.

Visit the COVID-19 Updates Resources and Information page - click here

Download the Vaccine Mandate and Exemption sheet

Posted 10/21/2021
Shearon honored by SPEEA Council
Former IFPTE President Paul Shearon was honored with a specially made composite plaque during the SPEEA Council meeting Oct. 14. Shearon, a SPEEA member and former Boeing worker, rose from regular union member through the ranks of Council Rep, Northwest Council Chair, SPEEA Vice President and on staff as Organizer before moving to the IFPTE in 2006 as Secretary-Treasurer. He was elected President in 2018. During his union career his organizing efforts helped thousands of workers gain the security and benefits of union representation. The unique award is the work of SPEEA members Mike Arrington, Rogelio (Roy) Garcia and Mark Diep.
Posted 10/8/2021
Nowlin elected Executive Board Secretary
Dan Nowlin Shaunna Winton

Dan Nowlin, formerly a Northwest Vice President, was elected Executive Board Secretary by fellow Board members on Thursday.

Nowlin, a technical worker at Boeing Everett, fills the vacancy created by Shaunna Winton when she moved to Executive Board Treasurer after the retirement from Boeing of Michelle Cooper. The unexpired terms of both offices run through March 22, 2022.

“I am honored to step into the role of secretary,” Nowlin said. “It’s rewarding to put the experience I’ve gained into helping members and SPEEA.”

Nowlin’s move to secretary leaves a Northwest Vice President slot vacant. The slot will be filled by the Northwest Council at an upcoming meeting.

Posted 8/31/2021
Your union needs you!
SPEEA leadership opportunities for members

There is an opportunity in your work area (District) to put your union interest and knowledge to work as a Council Representative!

If your interest in workplace issues and helping co-workers is increasing, SPEEA encourages you to petition to fill a vacancy on the Council. Or, if you know someone who would make a good CR, encourage them to step up and petition to fill a vacancy.

The Council, like the state Legislature or Congress, is one of three main governing bodies of our union. Council Reps are the eyes and ears of the union in the workplace. Duties include listening for and informing members about union issues, helping set union policy, solving workplace problems, monitoring contract compliance, internal organizing and representing members during grievances and investigations.

Seated Council Reps receive an adjusted retention rating as outlined in section 12.1(h)(1) of the Professional and Technical contracts. Council Rep duties and responsibilities can be found under the Member Tools menu or read more in the March issue of SPEEA Spotlite (Pg 4).

The following SPEEA Council districts have vacancies. If you reside in the district and have been a SPEEA member the previous 12 months, consider stepping up to fill this important role.

Detailed instructions and the petition are on the SPEEA website under the Councils menu (Forms, Petitions, Delineations) or click here. Email the completed petition to Include a 150-word (max) candidate statement for use in ballot packages in case of a contested race.

Training is provided for those who are seated.

Posted 8/13/2021
Trustmark deadline extended to Aug. 20
Making sense of Washington's new Long Term Care program

With members seeking information about the Washington (WA) Cares Fund and the Trustmark voluntary plan offering recently announced by Boeing, SPEEA Senior Director of Compensation and Retirement Matt Kempf, CFP ®, CEBS®, recorded a webinar and put together on-line tools to help explain the differences between the WA Cares Fund and the Trustmark insurance product.

The state legislature created the WA Cares Fund to make long-term care available to all workers in the state. Funded through a payroll tax which starts in 2022, the benefit is capped at $36,500. An opt-out is available for people who have long term care insurance in place by Nov. 1 and apply for a state exemption between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022.

The deadline to apply for Trustmark long-term care offered by Boeing was extended to Aug. 20.

Note: The webinar and supporting files do not have the updated, extended date.

Long-Term Care Webinar - Webinar presentation

WA Cares vs. Trustmark Insurance - PDF

Example - WA Cares & Trustmark Insurance - Excel link

What is the PRO Act?

Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is landmark legislation that gives workers a fair chance to organize a labor union at work without employer interference. Passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020, the legislation (H.R. 842 and S.420) now awaits a vote in the Senate.

This federal legislation, if passed by the Senate, accomplishes two primary objectives:

  1. Ensures workers can collectively push for the changes they want to see at their jobs without fear of retaliation.
  2. Strengthen workers’ rights to form a union and negotiate for the changes they choose.

Currently, there are no penalties for employers who illegally retaliate against, or fire workers for collective action to organize. Today’s labor laws are outdated and fail to protect working people who voice concerns or seek workplace improvements.

Read more about Pro Act and Take Action!

The Boeing Company
Virtual work is agreement between manager/employee
SPEEA received reports Boeing may require all employees working virtually to do so from a location covered by the Puget Sound (Tech or Prof) contracts. For some, this means relocating from current virtual locations back to the Puget Sound region or other areas covered by the contracts.

Despite what managers are telling impacted employees, SPEEA did NOT request this change. Virtual work arrangements are coordinated between SPEEA-represented employees and their managers.

Those who may be impacted are encouraged to contact their manager to discuss possible options or accommodations, such as long-term telecommuting or taking a leave of absence.

If concerns are not resolved, members should document the conversation and then talk to your SPEEA Council Representative.

Information in LOU-13 relating to Virtual Office/Telecommuting of the Prof and Tech contracts may be helpful.

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