Post updated 7/14/2022
Members to vote on SPEEA expansion

Referendum Support
The following officers, councils and committees voted and passed official motions of support and urge you to join them in voting YES for the Constitutional Referendum.

The list shows support as of July 22. More groups will be added as motions are approved.

        • Executive Board
        • SPEEA, Midwest &
          Northwest Council officers
        • Midwest Council
        • Northwest Council
        • SPEEA Organizational Planning
        • Northwest Action and
          Communication Taskforce
        • SPEEA Diversity
        • SPEEA Legislative & Public Affairs
        • Midwest Legislative & Public Affairs
        • Northwest Legislative & Public Affairs
        • Northwest Young Member
        • SPEEA Leadership Development and
          Training Committee
Facing a steady loss of members and The Boeing Company pushing more jobs outside our bargaining units, the SPEEA Council approved a membership vote to remove roadblocks to expansion in our union constitution.

If approved by a vote of members later this year, the constitutional referendum will remove language that requires SPEEA to secure approval through an all-member vote prior to starting an organizing campaign to add members who are not employees at Boeing, a wholly owned subsidiary, joint venture, or successor. Instead of an all-member vote, the SPEEA Council will grant approval by a majority vote.

“We want and need to expand our union,” said Everett Council Rep Rod Siders. “The problem is it’s very difficult and costly under the SPEEA Constitution today.”

The Council approved the motion by a vote of 54 to 8. Previous to the vote, the Executive Board, Council officers and Organizational Planning Committee voiced unanimous support for removing the restrictive language from the SPEEA Constitution. A special committee studied the issue for nearly a year before recommending the referendum.

SPEEA Tellers will now work to set a date for the all-member vote on the constitutional change. The vote will likely be sometime this fall, according to Teller Jimmie Mathis.

The limiting language was added in 1999 at a time when aerospace growth was primarily inside Boeing. Previous to that change, SPEEA was free to expand to other companies without an all-member vote.

“This is less a change than it is returning to the way it was before,” said SPEEA Treasurer Dan Nowlin.

Supporters noted how former members often find themselves at new companies that lack the protections and benefits of union representation. Also, gaining members throughout the aerospace industry will increase the voice and bargaining power of current SPEEA members.

“We’ve had people from Cessna and Bombardier in Wichita show interest in becoming SPEEA, but we have to tell them our contract won’t allow it,” said Midwest Council Rep Mark Gayer. “We need to grow our union, or we will wither.”

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