Constitutional Referendum - Vote for SPEEA’s Future!

What changes?
Instead of an all-member vote to approve an organizing drive for employees
outside of Boeing or Spirit, the SPEEA Council will vote to approve.

Benefits to members Key Points SPEEA Constitution
2.1.1 Addition of Bargaining Units
Removes a costly ($20,000+) and
time-consuming all-member vote.

Expanding to other companies reduces
the incentive for current employers to
outsource our work to avoid unions.

Extending SPEEA’s reach in aerospace helps
protect the benefits in our current SPEEA
contracts while raising standards for all
aerospace professionals.

SPEEA members help other professionals
gain the benefits of union representation.
The only change is moving approval
from an all-member vote to a vote of the SPEEA Council. All other aspects of organizing and adding bargaining units remain the same.

The SPEEA Council will still learn about and debate the benefits and issues of
each organizing campaign before
voting to approve the effort.

The new language provides professionals needing a union an easier and
quicker path to join SPEEA.
New Language
The addition of new Bargaining Unit(s) to
SPEEA requires approval by the
SPEEA Council.

Current Language

The addition of any Bargaining Unit(s) employed in the Engineering, Technical & Scientific Community which does not contain either Boeing, Boeing wholly owned subsidiary, Boeing joint venture or Successor employees shall require ratification by a vote of the Regular Membership of SPEEA by referendum.

Ballots are due by noon, Wednesday, Oct. 26
Ballots were mailed to SPEEA members Oct. 5 to vote on revising our union Constitution to allow an
easier path for professional and technical workers to gain the benefits of union-representation.

Join Us & Vote ACCEPT! in October

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