The SPEEA Legislative & Public Affairs Committee analyzes pending federal legislation and politicians' and political candidates’ positions as they relate to SPEEA’s goals and objectives in compliance with governing documents on legislative actions and endorsements and objectives. 
“We in America do not have government by Majority.
We have government by the majority who participate.”-Thomas Jefferson

SPEEA's international union, the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), has developed a concentrated legislative program aimed at preserving and growing union-represented jobs in industries such as aerospace, energy, science and defense.

A few of the issues IFPTE advocates for, among others are

  • The repeal of the union busting National Security Personnel System (NSPS);
  • NASA appropriations and workforce concerns; a strong national industrial policy that protects workers from damaging trade laws;
  • passage of labor law reform legislation to level the playing field for workers involved in union organizing efforts;
  • protecting public worker pensions and jobs from privatization in both the United States and Canada;
  • preserving and protecting government sector collective bargaining rights, and; bringing fairness to the employer-abused H-1B Visa program,
  • among others, are just a few of the issues that Biggs has and continues to advocate for alongside IFPTE Local leaders and members.

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Non-partisan site includes voting records for
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for each legislator from various interest groups,
broken down by issue e.g. look at “labor” to see
a legislator’s rating from the AFL-CIO.  Also lists
state government leaders.  This site also gives
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