SPEEA monitoring implementation of Spirit Shortened Workweek
With SPEEA-represented employees starting a four-day workweek on April 10, SPEEA is working with the company and carefully monitoring the situation to ensure our contracts are followed. The shortened week brings with it a corresponding 20% impact on salaries. As was the case last summer, employees on military and defense programs are not impacted. 

Spirit emphasized the shortened week is temporary and necessary due to the COVID-19 crisis. The company said this warrants the use of the Exceptions to Foregoing Procedures (Section 7.7). Use of this section is only allowed one time during the duration of the contract. Last summer’s four-day workweek used Shortened Workweek (Section 7.6). SPEEA contracts restrict the company from using Shortened Workweek to one time in a 12-month period. See contracts

Spirit said employees have the flexibility to take either Monday or Friday off during the workweek. Other options require management approval.

SPEEA and Spirit are in contact with the Kansas Department of Labor regarding the use of partial unemployment benefits to help make up for the lost work hours. Watch for additional communication when an answer is received. 


SPEEA will monitor the implementation of the shortened workweek and its impact on represented employees to ensure compliance with our contracts and agreements with Spirit. 

Due to the state shutdown in Kansas, the Wichita SPEEA office is closed. SPEEA staff are working from home and are accessible by email at or by calling the office at: SPEEA Wichita – 316-682-0262.