SPEEA member PRO Act impact testimonials

Level the playing field

Daniel Peters
SPEEA-Boeing Professional Unit dynamic loads engineer

I work as a union-represented aerospace engineer for Boeing in Washington, and I love my job. However, I have seen Boeing move engineering work out of this state for years. Every time, I hear the same excuses about how we are “too expensive.” If the PRO Act were implemented, more sites would have collective bargaining. That would, in my opinion, significantly reduce Boeing’s incentive to move work to “save money.”

The PRO Act would enable engineering and technical workers in California, South Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma and elsewhere to determine their own destinies and organize into unions if they choose to, without having to jump through burdensome legal hoops or endure relentless and intimidating corporate anti-union propaganda.

This could level the playing field. Instead of moving work to non-union sites, Boeing could recognize its workers’ rights to union representation and find other ways to reduce costs other than on the backs of its employees.

Hold corporations accountable

Joel Funfar
SPEEA-Boeing Technical Unit test and evaluation lab tech

As a second-generation SPEEA member with more than a passing interest in labor history, I know labor has always had to fight to organize. In the past, people died trying to bring collective bargaining to the workplace. These days, instead of hiring armed private security, like the Pinkertons, companies hire high-priced, anti-union law firms.

Rich corporations are pushing federal labor laws to see what they can get away with and when they are caught, the minimal fines are no deterrent. To keep unions out, companies go so far as to threaten to close the plant if employees vote for union representation.

With the passage of the PRO Act, we can strengthen our labor laws and put an end to corporate giants disregarding the rights of their employees.

Eliminate outdated ‘right-to-work-for-less’ laws

Derek Milligan
SPEEA Wichita Engineering Unit stress engineer

Since workers in Kansas who benefit from our union contract are not required to pay union dues, most don’t until it comes time to vote on a new contract. For the months around contract negotiations, dues-paying membership more than doubles. These uninvested voters often prioritize short-term financial gains over long-term and strategic improvements to our collective bargaining agreement. As a result, our contract language is weakened, and workers end up losing more than they gain.

If the PRO Act passes, we can end the race to the bottom. The PRO Act will end the outdated “right to work for less” laws and give all workers equal ‘skin in the game.’ Even more valuable, with the passage of the PRO Act, we’d have more power to achieve wins that benefit all aerospace professionals in the region.

End the unfair union-busting advantage

Donna Lehane
SPEEA Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU) manufacturing planner, retired

While a SPEEA member employed at Boeing Wichita, I was involved in three re-certification efforts. During that time, our union members would not be allowed to talk to co-workers about the value of a union and our collective bargaining agreement. Yet the company’s union busting firms were given easy access to employees in the workplace as well as our personal contact information. As a result, these union-busting firms carried out tactics and threats to scare employees into not voting for a union.

The PRO Act will give equal access to both sides, by making the outrageous union-busting tactics illegal. Employees need to know how much their company is spending on these types of union-busting contractors. That speaks volumes on the value of a union.

‘Captive audience’ meetings one-sided

Bill Hartig
SPEEA Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU) organizing committee leader, retired

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act levels the playing field for union elections. The Act rightfully prohibits employers from forcing employees to attend mandatory “captive audience” meetings like we were forced to during our campaigns, allowing our bosses to cajole us with false promise and/or threaten us with loss of employment.

My co-workers weren’t forced to listen to our messages about the union benefits, and no one should be forced to listen to management’s anti-union messages.

Do your part to pass the PRO Act

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